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Engineering Research

This guide will provide you with information about resources available through Scholes Library to help support learning, teaching, and engineering research

Engineering Librarian, Trevor Riley, also provides a number of services including:

  • Library inductions tutorials
  • Resource instruction
  • In-depth research support
  • Research data management consultations
  • Thesis reference reviews
  • Contact for book and journal recommendations

Quick Guide to Resources


   Resource/Tool                          What's it used for?              







                Reference Material

            Conference Proceedings

              M.A. and Ph.D. Theses




       Finding a Journal by its TITLE

              Abstracts & Citations

                 Full-Text Articles

           Conference Proceedings

         Books & Reference Material


          Keeping track of references

     Creating citations & bibliographies

          Share sources with others


* Each database is different and covers an assortment of different
Material. To learn more about a database or find the right one for
you, talk to a librarian :)