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Scholes Room Scheduling: Calendars for room scheduling

Please use this guide to check on room availability.

Room Reservation Contact

Please contact one of the following people to make a room reservation. 

Marilyn Dueno,  e-mail

Mechele Romanchock,  e-mail

Deborah Rollins, e-mail

Rooms are reserved on a first come first serve basis. 

Conference room #218

The conference room seats 10 people comfortably. Wireless access, and a overhead projector provided. 

Open Classroom Engineering floor

The Open Classroom on the Engineering floor seats 30 comfortably. The space is set up with modular furniture that can be reconfigured as needed, as well as a large whiteboard and overhead projector.


Special Collections

Large Group Study Room, 3rd floor #307

The large group study room on the 3rd floor has 5 tables and seats 12-15 people comfortably.  There is Wi-Fi and ports for direct data connection as well as a rolling whiteboard. 

Seminar room #215

The Seminar room seats 22 people comfortably. Wireless access, and ethernet available.  Ceiling mounted projector with HDMI, and VGA hook up, as well as a DVD player with speakers. 

Mac Lab # 213

The class room seats 16 comfortably. 10 IMac computers, with Microsoft Office suite . Wireless access, and ethernet available. Ceiling mounted projector with HDMI, and VGA hook up.

Classroom #221

The class room seats 25 comfortably.Wireless access, and ethernet available.  Ceiling mounted projector with HDMI, and VGA hook up. DVD player.

Slide Archive meeting room #207

The Slide Archive meeting room seats 6 comfortably.The room provides Wireless access and a large flat screen monitor. 

Tutoring Room 1st Floor room #113

The Scholes Library Tutoring Room seats 4 people comfortably. The room is WiFi enabled and has a large whiteboard.