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Engineering Research

This guide will provide you with information about resources available through Scholes Library to help support learning, teaching, and engineering research

The Engineering Librarian provides a number of services including:

  • Library instruction tutorials
  • Resource instruction
  • In-depth research support
  • Research data management consultations
  • Thesis reference reviews
  • Contact for book and journal recommendations

Quick Guide to Resources


Resource Tool  Use to search for:  


Just about everything:
Articles, Books, Reference Material, 
Conference Proceedings, Theses

 Library Catalog

Mostly items located in the library:
Books, Reference Material,  

Conference Proceedings, Journals, Theses

Journals A-Z

       Finding the location of a JOURNAL by its TITLE

Mostly articles from general to specific subject areas
Engineering specific searches


Store citation info
Create reference lists in reports with automatic citation formatting
Share sources with others

* Each database is different and covers an assortment of source types. 
To learn more about a database or find the right one for
you, talk to a librarian :)