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Personal Librarian Program: Personal Librarians

Alfred Universities Personal Librarians

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All new students at AU are assigned their very own Personal Librarian to be their initial contact for all their research needs as they start out at Alfred. Of course, students are free to work with any of the AU Librarians. Here are some of the things the librarians can do:

  • Help you navigate the libraries’ print and online resources
  • Answer your questions about library policies, procedures, and services
  • Assist you with your research by helping you:
    • Choose a topic
    • Articulate research questions
    • Identify credible and reliable sources
    • Formulate effective search strategies
    • Put together a Works Cited page
  • Connect you to the right people on campus for computer issues, writing assistance, tutoring, etc.

 If there is anything research or library related that you need, feel free to contact your Personal Librarian in person, by phone, or by email. 

Click here for more information about each librarian's unique persona.

Personal Librarians at Alfred