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AU Libraries Services for Fall 2020: Video Streaming Options

Video Streaming Options

Below is a listing of online streaming services to which you currently have access.undefined

These Resources Include mediated access to "Kanopy Films", and full access to "On The Boards TV", and the " Video Series."
Below, we also provide links to a range of Free Video Streaming Services


How to Request a Kanopy Film undefined

1. Connect to Kanopy Service

2. Search for Film Resource

3. Make your selection

4. If the film you have selected within Kanopy has already been licensed by AU Libraries, you may view immediately.  However, if it is not already purchased. you will be presented with a short "request form". Users should complete this form and the library will evaluate the request for addition to our collection. [for a 1 year period]

5. Please state the reason for consideration and date needed. Faculty should include course number/name and the semester in which the film will be used.

6. Your request will be evaluated for inclusion within our leased collection.  The approval and activation process may take up to 3 business days for the film will be available to view.

Library of Congress National Screening Room

Library of Congress National Screening Room 

An initiative by LoC to make its moving-image collections accessible for streaming and download. Wide variety of titles ranging from silent films by Thomas Edison and D.W. Griffith to feature films and shorts from the 1940s and 50s

Collection Highlights:

  • Ida Lupino’s taut, masterfully crafted noir The Hitchhiker (1953)
  • Oscar Micheaux’s landmark work of African American silent cinema Within Our Gates (1919)

On The Boards TV - Theatre Videos Video Series

Internet Archive's Moving Image Archives

Internet Archive’s Moving Image Archives 

An old standard at this point but full of great material for those willing to do some digging.

Collection Highlight:

  • The Prelinger Collection – Perhaps the the world’s most comprehensive collection of educational, ephemeral, propaganda, and industrial films ever assembled. A crucial repository for studying the culture of the 20th century.

Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Movies 

A consolidated site of feature films, shorts, and cartoons that have fallen into the public domain either by virtue of being created before 1924 or the copyright having lapsed for some other reason.

Collection Highlights:

  1. Fritz Lang’s classic film-noir Scarlet Street (1945)
  2. George Romero’s ur-zombie film Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Search Note: Unfortunately, this site lacks an internal search feature. However, you can search the collection via Google with the following search command:  site: followed by a space + your "search term" 
for example:  site: "horror"