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AU Libraries Remote Support: Creating Links to Library Resources

The AU Libraries will continue supporting the faculty and students of Alfred University during our response to COVID-19.

Creating Links to Library Resources

How do I create working links to library resources?
To create working links to library resources, you must use a proxy prefix and a permalink.

What is a proxy prefix?
The proxy prefix is what prompts AU-affiliated users to log in from off-campus. Without the prefix, users won't be able to access the resource from off-campus.

Alfred's proxy prefix:

Example of an permalink with the proxy prefix (the red text is the prefix; the blue text is the permalink):

What is a permalink?
A permalink is a web address that doesn't change.

Why can't I just copy the URL in my browser's address bar?
The URL in the browser bar usually contains dynamically generated session-based or search-based information that will not work when copied and used at a later time.

How do I find permalinks?
In most library databases, there will be an option to get a permalink. Look for buttons that say "Share" or "Permalink" and copy and paste the provided URL.

If you need help, contact Ellen Bahr at