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History: Books

Where to Find History Books in the Library

Books in the library are organized by call numbers. Below is a list of the first letters of the call numbers that will help you find a variety of books about the topic of History. 

D - World History
DA-DQ: Europe
DR-DS: Asia & Middle East
DT: Africa
DU: Oceania & Australia

E - United States History
E11-45: America & North America (General)
E51-99: Native Americans
E101-135: European Discovery of America
E151-184: United States (General)

E185: African Americans
E186-199: Colonial Period
E200-298: Revolution
E300-453: Revolution to Civil War
E456-655: Civil War
E660-730: Late Nineteenth Century
E740-909: Twentieth Century to Present

F - History of the Americas
F1-975: U.S. Local History (F116-130: New York)
F1001-1145.2: British America (including Canada)
F1170: French America
F1201-3799: Latin America


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